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Solid Tip Diamond Drill Bit
Solid Tipped
Glastar Diamond Drill Bit

Blunt Nose Diamond Drill Bits
Electroplate Bonded Solid Tip Diamond Drills
For glass, stained glass, china plates, & fiberglass!

Blunt Nose Diamond Drill Bits work with any drill - just add water for lubrication.  Glastar brand Diamond Drill Bits are much easier and safer to use than old-fashioned spear point steel drills and don't chip the work material.  Blunt Nose Diamond Drill Bits are used primarily on glass, stained glass, china plates or fiberglass.  Glastar Blunt Nose Drill Bits are designed to be used at high speeds up to 10,000 rpm.

Solid diamond drill bits are not recommended for tile or stone.

Since Blunt Nose bits have a solid rounded tip, they are slightly easier to start when drilling on a curved surface, such as a bottle, when compared to using a Core drill bit, above.  However, since Blunt Nose bits drill out the complete hole, they also drill more slowly than the Core bits and they are generally not used on the super hard abrasive materials such as ceramic or porcelain tile, floor tile, limestone, slate, marble, granite or other stones.  Blunt nose bits are available in three sizes, 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8".  Core drill bits from 1/8" to 4" are also available - see section, above.  See also How to Use Diamond Drill Bits.

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TL-340  1/8" Blunt Nose Diamond Drill
Out of Stock - No Backorders
(Shaft size 1/8")

TL-341  1/4" Blunt Nose Diamond Drill
(Shaft size 1/4")

TL-342  3/8" Blunt Nose Diamond Drill
Out of Stock - No Backorders
(Shaft size 1/4")





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