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FoilMate Foiling Tool

Foiler Machine
Layout Board Items

Pattern Projector
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Pattern Enlarger Projector

Pattern Enlarger Projector

Enlarge patterns up to 12 times in size

Now you can make your own full-size patterns from any paper source.  Best of all, you can select the final size to meet your needs exactly.  You can even customize a pattern by combining sections from different cartoons.  Enlarge a 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" drawing more than 12 times by projecting it onto your pattern paper.  Larger drawings can be easily enlarged in sections.  Uses standard 100w bulb, (not included).

TL-380  Pattern Enlarger Projector .................................... 54.75

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 Inland Foil Machine

Inland Foil Machine
Inland Foiler Machine

Rated 'Best Buy' per our AmeriGlas Staff

Recommended by AmeriGlas for anyone who does foiling.  You'll perform copper foiling quickly any easily.  The dispenser removes the foil backing while it centers the foil on the glass and folds over the edges.  Foil tension is controlled with two reel adjustments.  The foiler machine is made of high-impact plastic and holds two different rolls of three foil sizes (3/16", 7/32", 1/4").
          Out of Stock - Backorders Not Available
TL-375  Inland Foiler Machine ........................................... 27.75

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Stained Glass Layout Board

Layout Board Items

Projects are assembled quickly and easily using a layout board with metal braces and push pins.  This is faster and easier than the old method of using leading nails, plywood board and a hammer.  Layout boards are generally made of "homosite" board which is readily available from most local building centers.

Metal braces and metal push pins, available below, allow for easy soldering and aren't affected by the heat.  They are available in two different packaged groups: 6" braces or 12" and 3" braces.

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TL-253  Pkg of 10-6" Braces & 40 Pins

TL-254  Pkg 4-12" & 4-3" Braces & 40 Pins






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 Stained Glass Tool Storage

Stained Glass Tool Workstation
Glass Tool Workstation

Includes Built-in Soldering Iron Holder

Gets rid of clutter by holding your tools, foil, iron - everything.  The Glass Tool WorkStation by Inland is made of high-impact plastic.  This work station holds all the tools you use to create stained glass projects.  Station is designed with built-in soldering iron holder and foil dispenser, plus slots for fid, burnisher, pliers, cutters, solder and other tools.  Plus, the pop-up handles make it easy to move around.  You'll never misplace a tool again!

TL-382  Inland Glass Workstation ...................................... 39.95

Out of Stock - Discontinued by Manufacturer

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FoilMate Foiling Tool

Foilmate Foiling Tool

Used by stained glass instructor Vicki Payne on her PBS TV series.  Tool speeds your glass foiling as it crimps, burnishes and smooths foil onto the glass.  Grooves in the handle are used to crimp foil over the edge of the glass, while the wheel smooths and applies the foil firmly to the glass without risk of tearing the foil.  The 8" tool works on all sizes of foil and is perfect for burnishing after using a foiling machine to apply the foil.

TL-241  Foilmate Foiling Tool ............................................ 8.95

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