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1.0 Mil Thick
Copper Foil

Standard Copper Foil

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Copper Foil

Heavyweight Copper Foil

Silver & Black
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Black Backed
Copper Foil

Black Back Foil

Silver Backed
Copper Foil

Silver Back Foil

Copper Foil

Silver Both Sides

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New Wave
Copper Foil

Scalloped Copper Foil

12" x 12"
Copper Foil Sheet

Copper Foil Sheet

1.0 Mil
Brass Foil Tape

Special Brass Foil

When to use Different Copper Foils?

Regular Copper Foil vs. Black Backed or Silver Backed Foil? - The main purpose for foil used in stained glass work is merely to fold over the edge of the glass to allow the edges to be soldered together.  Generally, regular copper foil is used, however, plain copper foil can cause a problem if it is used on glass that is fairly clear - the inside edge of the foil can be seen through the glass and it will cause a "copper halo" along the seam.  Black Backed or Silver Backed foil is used to eliminate the "halo" problem.  If you plan to leave the solder joints silver colored, use silver backed foil.  If you plan to use black patina on the solder joints, use black backed foil.

Silver Both Sides? - Copper foil is often used as an edging material on glass ornaments, bevels and for other craft projects.  If the glass is fairly clear, the same "halo" problem noted above will occur.  Some people solder the foil to make it silver or to use black patina, however, many crafters would rather have a silver front surface without the need to coat it with solder.  Silver Both Sides Foil allows you to have a silver front edge to a craft project without the need to solder the foil.

Brass Foil? - Brass foil is normally used as an edging on craft projects.  It has a sticky backing like the copper foil foils.  Brass foil is generally not soldered.  If you plan to solder the foil, it is much better to use the less expensive copper foil.

New Wave Copper Foil? - Wavy copper foil is used as an edging material on craft projects to obtain a "wavy" edge rather than a straight edge.  Wavy foil looks great on many projects such as angel skirts and picture frames.

Copper Foil Sheet? - Copper foil sheets are used for many craft projects.  It has a sticky backing like regular copper foil, so it can be cut into patterns or shapes and stuck onto any type of project.  It can be left copper colored, soldered to give a silver color or soldered and then turned black using patina.






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