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Box Tube Hinge
Box Ball Feet
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stained glass box project


Box Tube Hinges

        Stained Glass Box Hinge

Tube hinges are perfect for stained glass boxes and glass boxes.  These brass tubes are easy to solder and can be cut to any length.  The Box Hinge Set contains two 12" long brass tubes - the small 3/16" tube fits inside the 3/32" outside tube.

As shown in the above diagram, the tubes are cut to your desired size, then soldered onto your box to create a custom hinge.  Each brass tube set will make several hinges, depending upon the size desired.

SP-251  Box Tube Hinge Set ............................. each 3.79 / 6+ 3.25

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Stained Glass Box FeetBrass Ball Feet

Box Feet

Available in 3/8" or 1/2" Size

Brass ball feet have prongs for use on stained glass or wooden boxes. Easily solderable to stained glass box seams.  Available in two sizes - 3/8" or 1/2".  Each package of 3/8" size contains 24 feet while the 1/2" size package contains 20 feet.

SP-255  3/8" Box Feet, Pkg of 24 ................................................ each 3.79
Out of Stock - Discontinued by Manufacturer

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SP-256  1/2" Box Feet, Pkg of 20 ................................................ each 3.89

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Suction Cup Hanger


Suction Cups for Glass Small & Large
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Suction Cups

Available in Two Different Sizes - Small & Large

These durable light-weight suction cups are made of heavy plastic.  They are avaliable in two sizes - 3/4" suction cups, or 1-1/2" suction cups.  Each suction cup size comes in packages 10 or bags of 100 units.


Holding Limit
  3/4"   Suction Cup

1/2 lb.
  1-1/2" Suction Cup

1-1/2 lb.

--- Item ---

Qty / Order?
3/4" Suction Cups    
SP-924  3/4" Suction Cups (Pkg of 10)
                   Out of Stock

SP-926  3/4" Suction Cups (Pkg of 100)
                   Out of Stock

1-1/2" Suction Cups    
SP-927  1-1/2" Suction Cups (Pkg of 10)

SP-929  1-1/2" Suction Cups (Pkg of 100)





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