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Diamond Drill Bits for Jewelry

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Jewelry Drill Bits
Jewelry Drill Bits




Small Jewelry Drill BitsSolid Tipped
Small Diamond Drill Bit






Small Diamond Drill Bits

Small Diamond Drills - Jewelry Drill Bits

For jewelry, glass, shells, small stones!
Drill Bit Sizes: 1mm, 1.4mm, 1.75mm & 2.0mm

Small diamond drill bits are used primarily for jewelry, glass, small stones and other intricate work.  The small Jewelry Bits are pictured above with a common paper clip.  The small bits are available in four sizes.

Metric Size

US Inches


1.0 mm



1.4 mm



1.75 mm



2.0 mm



These small diamond drill bits are similar to "diamond wire bits" but are stronger and have a special 'grooved tip' for more efficient drilling.  The jewelry drill bits should be used with water for lubrication.  The most efficient lubrication is obtained when drilling underwater with the material submerged in a bath of water.

The jewelry drill bits are designed for use at speeds up to 10,000 rpm. It is recommended that only very light pressure be used.  The bits should be mounted well into the power drill chuck, to provide adequate support for the extremely thin drill bit shafts. 

All jewelry bits are 160 diamond grit.  The drill bits are sold in 3-Packs, with 3 units in each package.  There is also a 4-Pack Assortment that contains one of each size.

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Jewelry Drill Bits - Small Diamond Drill Bits     

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  Qty    Order
DT-491  1mm Jewelry Drill Bit (3-Pack) 18.49
DT-493  1.4mm Jewelry Drill Bit (3-Pack) 18.95
DT-494  1.75mm Jewelry Drill Bit (3-Pack) 19.49
DT-495  2.0mm Jewelry Drill Bit (3-Pack) 19.95
DT-499  4-Pack Jewelry Bit Assortment
(1 each - 1mm, 1.4mm, 1.75mm, 2mm)




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